About the cluster

The Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster (MSEC) connects companies working in the energy sector, mainly in the production of heat. It was founded in 2008 by Dalkia ČR, the joint stock company, KHK of the Moravian-Silesian Region, VŠB – TU Ostrava, the Energy Research Centre and others. At present it has 21 members. It is active in the areas of research and development, promotion of the association and promotion of energy literacy amongst the public, where it implements programmes supported by the EU.

The cluster is funded using the so called PPP principle where the funding is based on pooling the cluster’s own resources from the members’ contributions and subsidies from the EU structural funds.

The areas of interest of the Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster, commercial company:

  1. Research and development, such as
    • Purchasing of laboratory equipment
    • Purchasing and running of experimental equipment
    • Implementation of research activities
  2. Marketing and promotion, such as
    • Realisation of exhibitions and trade-fairs
    • Realisation of specialist round-tables, seminars and conferences
    • Production of promotion materials
  3. Education and training
    • Placements and practical training for students of secondary schools and apprentice centres
    • Placements and practical training for university students
    • Further education of employees – members of the cluster

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a geographically centred network of cooperating companies, specialised suppliers, service providers and adjoining institutions and organisations. Their cooperation networks have a potential to strengthen and increase their competitiveness.

The vision:

The vision is to secure for the Moravian-Silesian Region, as the second most advanced industrial zone in theCzech Republic, energy self-sufficiency in accordance with the principles of sustained development within 10 years.


  • Cooperation on the development of an energy strategy for  the country
  • Support of implementation of the EU legislation into the legislation of the CR
  • Support of using the renewable energies, their promotion and education towards energy saving behaviour
  • Support of small and medium sized enterprise in the region
  • Support for research and development in the energy and environmental sectors
  • Cooperation on problem-solving in using secondary energy sources in the Moravian-Silesian Region for the benefit of the energy sector
  • Participating in the increase of the energy literacy of mainly young people

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