Power plant specialists working on the conception of the “Region independent of energies” will meet in Čeladná

The aim of the first phase of the project “Region independent of energies” is to map sources of energy, our present and future energy needs and to propose a new energy strategy with respect to the future development of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

This is the largest project on which the Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster has worked so far. Next week, on Wednesday 27 June, the MSEC is holding a conference in Čeladná where the future energy conception of the Moravian-Silesian Region will be discussed.

Our idea of the region independent of energies will be projected into six strategic pillars:

  • properly dimensioned distribution networks
  • economically optimal mix of energies
  • even or ideally surplus energy balance
  • clean environment
  • strong and stable energetics companies
  • intelligent people


The conference “Region independent of energies” in Čeladná will, amongst other topics, deal with such essential topics as “blackout” or strategic supplies of local black coal.

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