Project “Region independent of energies” seeks a so-called “blackout” solution

This project seeks, amongst others, a solution for the so called “blackout”.

A “blackout” is a prolonged breakdown of a grid occurring when the balance between the production of electricity and its consumption has been mishandled; the breakdown of the grid occurs within several seconds (Report by Pačes board).

The solution is to create conditions (both technical and legislative) for so called ”island operations” securing necessary electricity (and heating) supplies during the breakdown of the grid in theCzechRepublic. With respect to the recent development, all statutory cities should be protected in this way – i.e. 1/3 of theCzech Republicinhabitants. These operations should be also capable of starting from the state of total darkness.

“All large heat production plants know how to disconnect from the grid and switch over to an island regime. So that this can be effective, an island has to be large enough which means that in cooperation with distributors such islands (a town, a town district, etc.) need to be marked using breakdown automation, which in milliseconds creates an island by disconnecting it from the rest of the grid. Installation of the breakdown automation and necessary equipment of heat production plants represent investments for which funding needs to be found. At present these services are free of charge on the level of the distribution network”, said Ing. Zdeněk Duba, president of the MSEC.

The Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster and CITYPLAN, Ltd., which has already tested similar solutions in the South Bohemian Region, cooperate on this project.

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